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Game Arena

The Game Arena provides a space for a wide range of sports and games. Test, train and play!

The Arena will keep you busy all day: play floorball or football or test your precision with the SutuWall interactive game wall. Measure your batting power with a baseball radar gun or shoot slapshots in the ice hockey area. Feel the pulse with dance games, and reach for the stars on a trampoline.

In addition to traditional games, you can also try out the latest technology. Take the interactive EyePlay game floor: it’s both educational and fun, and you can play this “exergame” together with your friends! The DigiWall game acts as an interactive climbing wall and a sound memory game. There are plenty of games and levels to choose from, so even the youngest visitors can join in.

Game Arena includes:

  • Games arena (floorball, football, etc.)
  • SutuWall interactive wall
  • DigiWall interactive 2.8 m climbing wall 
  • Baseball, Frisbee throwing and putting and radar gun
  • Ice hockey slapshot shooting and radar gun
  • Dance games: 8 dance pads
  • Trampoline
  • EyePlay interactive game floor


Stella's Corner

Stella's Corner is full of fun activities with the Pink Bird Stella.

You can do Angry Birds long and high jumps in this pink activity area. Here, you are the piece in a giant board game, while your friend rolls the feather-filled dice. In the soap bubble room, you can blow bubbles at the piggies behind the fence.

Stella's Corner includes:

  • Children's high jump
  • Children's long jump
  • Floor board game and feather-filled dice
  • Bubble room (2 €/bubble bottle)

Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti
Linturinteenkatu 1, 88610 Vuokatti
Puh. 044 7388 610

Park's opening hours
Mon-Sun 11-19

Restaurant's opening hours
Mon-Sun 11-17

HOX! On midsummer night eve Friday 23th June we are open from 11am to 16pm


Vuokatti is the most versatile resort all year. Diverse accommodation and hobby opportunities as well as nearby services and activities make Vuokatti a fantastic holiday resort for the entire family. The Vuokatinrinteet ski slopes, the Holiday Club Katinkulta Hotel, the Vuokatti Sports Institute, and year-round events in the region create the perfect environment for spending quality leisure time.

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