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Vuokatti Freestyle Hall

Enter the world of freestyle sports at Vuokatti Freestyle Hall. This versatile training centre is open for anyone interested in skateboarding, scootering or BMXing.

The 1,000 square metre facility houses a range of structures designed both for freestyle enthusiasts and for anyone who would like to have a go at these sports in a safe way.

The Freestyle Hall encourages children and beginners to challenge themselves with new sports, while also providing high quality training facility and a wide range of activities for those more actively involved in these sports. Specialist staff members are always on hand to help and instruct you with any of these activities.

The Vuokatti Freestyle Hall includes:

Junior Park

  • Designed for beginners and younger users
  • Scootering
  • Skating


Skate Park

  • Skating
  • BMXing
  • Inline skating
  • Scootering



Gymnastics Area

  • Spring floor
  • Trampoline
  • Parkour
  • Climbing


Freestyle Hall rules

  • Helmet use is compulsory for under 15s
  • Consider other users
  • Leave outdoor clothes, shoes and bags, etc. in the locker room
  • Only clean indoor shoes are allowed inside
  • Please help us keep the facilities clean
  • Permitted equipment includes skateboards, scooters, BMX bikes, roller blades and clean shoes 
  • No rucksacks or other unnecessary items inside

Skating areas: skating, scootering, BMXing and roller blading

  • Helmet use compulsory for under 15s
  • Helmet use compulsory for BMX bikers
  • Only plastic pegs allowed on BMX bikes

Jump area: 

  • No poles
  • You may only jump into the pit from the ramp,  trampoline or the climbing wall
  • Jumping is only permitted when a supervisor is present
  • Always make sure that no one else is in the pit before you jump
  • Only one person is allowed to jump at a time

    Vuokatti Freestyle Hall website


Freestyle area: Trampoline, parkour, climbing wall

  • Only one person at a time
  • No shoes allowed

Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti
Linturinteenkatu 1, 88610 Vuokatti
Puh. 044 7388 610

Park's opening hours
Mon-Sun 11-19

Restaurant's opening hours
Mon-Sun 11-17

HOX! On midsummer night eve Friday 23th June we are open from 11am to 16pm


Vuokatti is the most versatile resort all year. Diverse accommodation and hobby opportunities as well as nearby services and activities make Vuokatti a fantastic holiday resort for the entire family. The Vuokatinrinteet ski slopes, the Holiday Club Katinkulta Hotel, the Vuokatti Sports Institute, and year-round events in the region create the perfect environment for spending quality leisure time.

Additional information is available on the Vuokatti website »

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