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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is the Angry Birds Activity Park aimed at?

The Angry Birds Activity Park is an adventure for the entire family, with appropriate activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. The Angry Birds adventure courses and the Angry Birds Town pedal cars are best suited to children and teens. There is also an adventure course area allocated for under 4s.

The sport and games area of Game Arena can be enjoyed by all ages. The same goes for the Vuokatti Golf Arena, where golf enthusiasts can practise all year round in perfect conditions.

The Vuokatti Freestyle Hall is ideal for anyone looking for more extreme activities. Its Junior Park (Junnuparkki) is a safe environment where you can learn the basics of skateboarding or scootering. The trampoline, climbing wall and most other activities are also suitable for beginners. However, some areas, such as the biggest jump ramp and some of the skate ramps, are only suitable for more advanced users.

How old do children have to be to come to the Park unaccompanied by an adult?

Children under the age of seven need to be accompanied by an adult.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will not be allowed inside the Park in your outdoor shoes or barefoot. Please bring along your own indoor shoes or borrow them from the Park. Activities at the Angry Birds Activity Park include sports, games and adventure courses, so it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes.

Does my ticket allow me to access the entire Park?

Yes. Only the golf simulator requires separate booking and is charged separately. Please go to “Tickets and season tickets” for more details.

Where can I attend to smaller children?

The Park has a parent’s corner where mothers can also nurse their children.

Are there any lockers available at the Park?

There are 200 lockers near the parent’s corner by the entrance where you can safely leave your things.

Are prams allowed in the Park?

Visitors are required to wear indoor shoes in the Park, and we ask you to avoid bringing prams that are used outdoors into the Park. There is a “pram parking area” near the entrance where you can leave your pram and borrow one belonging to the Park.

Where is your lost and found?

You can enquire about any lost property at +358 (0)44 7388 610 or info@angrybirdsvuokatti.fi

Am I allowed to take photographs at Angry Birds Activity Park?


Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti
Linturinteenkatu 1, 88610 Vuokatti
Puh. 044 7388 610

Park's opening hours
Mon-Sun 11-19

Restaurant's opening hours
Mon-Sun 11-17

HOX! On midsummer night eve Friday 23th June we are open from 11am to 16pm


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