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Tickets and Season tickets

Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti

  • Tickets €19
  • Next day ticket €12 (yesterday's bracelet needs to be in the client's wrist)
  • Under 4s go free
  • Season ticket €280/year/under 15 years old (the gym is not included) and 340€/year/over 15 years old (includes the gym)
  • Prices include access to the entire park
  • Company tickets also available.

Vuokatti Freestyle Hall
Vuokatti Golf Arena

Users of the Vuokatti Freestyle Hall and the Vuokatti Golf Arena can buy a membership card that allows access to these facilities. You can become a member by paying the membership fee of €30, entitling you to concessionary membership tickets for the Freestyle Hall or Golf Arena.

  • €180/year
  • €25/month
  • €8/day
  • These membership tickets allow access to the Freestyle Hall or Golf Arena only.

For more information, please contact info@angrybirdsvuokatti.fi

Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti
Linturinteenkatu 1, 88610 Vuokatti
Puh. 044 7388 610

Park's opening hours
Mon-Fri 13-19
Sat 11-19
Sun 11-18

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of May we're open 11-19

June 5th-6th we are CLOSED due to the spring cleaning.

Restaurant's opening hours
Mon-Fri 13-17
Sat-Sun 11-17



Vuokatti is the most versatile resort all year. Diverse accommodation and hobby opportunities as well as nearby services and activities make Vuokatti a fantastic holiday resort for the entire family. The Vuokatinrinteet ski slopes, the Holiday Club Katinkulta Hotel, the Vuokatti Sports Institute, and year-round events in the region create the perfect environment for spending quality leisure time.

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